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She swore to do no harm, but can she protect a vampire without killing a revenant?


Picking up from The Last Inheritance, American pathologist Abby Whiting finally accepts she can’t run from the dead. The ghosts haunting Cambridge continue to ask her for justice, and, at last, she has the courage to help. But can she save the living?


George Cooper is alive, but too afraid to live. If he so much as hints at the human heart pumping vampire blood through his veins, anyone he loves will become the next victim of a sinister revenant—a woman who has spent a century destroying George’s bloodline. He will do anything to protect Abby, including giving up his humanity.


The Last Resurrection is the third dynamic novel in The Bloodprint paranormal suspense trilogy. Will Abby make George realize he isn’t a monster? Or will Charlotte finally cut down the last descendant of the man she spent a century haunting?


All the answers lie hidden in their blood.

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Kristina Kairn is an award-winning author who enjoys giving readers dark, suspenseful fantasy stories with sharp heroines and daunting villains. She writes from Silicon Valley, usually in coffee shops, sometimes in quiet public libraries, always on the look out for monsters, hauntings, and the tech police.

She has been married for over twenty years to a witty graphic designer. They've combined DNA twice. She owns two mutant goldfish and one laundry-curious Holland Lop bunny.

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