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A Court of Curses Series
When happily ever after goes terribly wrong....




Captain Aurora Toutchaud has plenty to prove to a father who just wishes she would behave like a proper princess. Discovering a dragon slain while on patrol, the determined royal suspects dark powers may be growing in the shadows of her father’s realm. But her cries of warning fall on deaf ears when on her arrival home, she’s accused of murdering the newborn prince and her father condemns her to death.




After thirteen years of harsh sanctions, Regent Darian Thorn has returned to court seeking his earldom and revenge. With a territory abundant in iron for weapons and a growing rebellion, he’s suddenly a man rich with attention. Darian wants to avenge his father’s wrongful execution, but finds himself entangled with a warrior princess who doesn’t want his help.


Can they put their hearts on the line to defeat an enchanted foe? Or will they succumb to the dark magic that twisted their fates?


The Bloodprint Series

The Bloodprint Series is a page turning paranormal suspense series set in Cambridge, England. Follow American blood pathologist, Dr. Abby Whiting, on her journey for the truth to her strange immunity to all disease. With every lead she follows, she falls deeper into a web of lies and murder spanning over a century. Will her quest for the truth lead to her own demise? Or can she save the monsters she loves from a fate worse than death itself?

The Last Descendant, Book 1


Cambridge, England. American Pathologist Dr. Abby Whiting longs to know why she never gets sick. The sole survivor of a horrific outbreak two decades ago, she’s certain the answer must lie in her medical records held under lock and key at a mysterious clinic. But standing in the way of her access to classified files is a charismatic, centuries-old vampire.


Tasked with replicating the secrets of the predator’s blood, she accepts an uneasy alliance in exchange for her documents. But her research soon sends her down a path strewn with murdered clinicians, a vengeful detective, and an obsessed revenant in search of fresh souls. And even worse, her shocking findings reveal a disturbingly outrageous truth.


Can Abby discover the secret to her own strange gift without losing her life?



The Last Inheritance, Book 2

He survived a vampire blood transfusion. But can he survive its curse?


Detective Inspector George Cooper is alive. Thanks to the vampire he shot and killed in a church. And now the monster has left him his final inheritance: money, a medical clinic, and Heritage House. But he just wants to be a detective for the Cambridge Constabulary. With vampire blood coursing through his veins comes a new set of abilities—smelling lies, tasting anxiety, and hearing heart rates pick up. He’s closing cases at a phenomenal rate.


But with his new abilities come a new nightmare. George is blacking out at night. And waking up to find bodies littering the River Cam. Is the murderer? Or is he, as the attractive doctor diagnosing him says, a hybrid vampire who needs vampire blood to stay alive. Which is worse?


If George can’t prove that he's not the River Cam murderer, he will lose more than his identity. He will lose his soul.


The Last Resurrection, Book 3

She swore to do no harm, but can she protect a vampire without killing a revenant?


Picking up from The Last Inheritance, American pathologist Abby Whiting finally accepts she can’t run from the dead. The ghosts haunting Cambridge continue to ask her for justice, and, at last, she has the courage to help. But can she save the living?


George Cooper is alive, but too afraid to live. If he so much as hints at the human heart pumping vampire blood through his veins, anyone he loves will become the next victim of a sinister revenant—a woman who has spent a century destroying George’s bloodline. He will do anything to protect Abby, including giving up his humanity.


The Last Resurrection is the third dynamic novel in The Bloodprint paranormal suspense trilogy. Will Abby make George realize he isn’t a monster? Or will Charlotte finally cut down the last descendant of the man she spent a century haunting?


All the answers lie hidden in their blood.

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