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What I'm working on...

I will be launching a new series this year. I'm wandering into the world of fairy tales and folklore. There will be fairy witches, cursed princesses, avenging nobleman, magic & spells, and of course, dragons! 🐉

The first book in The Court of Curses series is The Briarwood Betrayal. I wanted to explore what it would be like to be the daughter of a fairy tale princess. And what if no one believed in your mother's story? What if she were dead? And what if you chose the army over a tiara? If you would like a preview of this novel, just sign up for my newsletter here and you can download the first FIVE chapters.

I like the number five. Japanese dish sets come in five, there are five oceans, five senses, and only five vowels in the English language. Here are five photos that set the mood for The Briarwood Betrayal.


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