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Welcome ravenous fans of the dark twisted mind of Kristina Kairn.

A letter from James



Ms. Kairn has found it necessary to provide exclusive suspenseful content for you. For some reason she has chosen my past to keep you up late. To keep the barn owls and nightingales and other haunted creatures company. I’m not sure how she dug up my diaries. I thought I had hidden them rather well, buried deep, entrenched safely. Terribly clever woman. She has told me that she finds my past painfully romantic. I dead-heartedly disagree.


I hope you have a good glass of wine or a bottle of brandy within reach. Perhaps a candle or flashlight as well. Don’t stay up too late, we may run into each other.


I wish you a good evening.



Image by Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald

Meet James

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The Vision

Enter the visual world of Kristina Kairn and see her inspiration for the worlds she creates

Enter if you dare!

Image by Milo Bauman
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